Six Gems from a Wise Woman | Elisabeth Elliot’s Legacy

A wise woman died June 15, 2015. She changed my life, beginning in the 1960s when my Girls Auxiliary “adopted” a missionary serving in South America whose beloved husband, Jim, had literally given his life for the gospel. Elisabeth Elliot’s faithful sacrifice wasn’t headline news, but her life poured out for Christ did much to […]

When Something Good Happens

If my daughter will forgive me for talking about her feet . . . I have a picture from when she was an infant, with me holding up her daddy’s big sock next to her tiny sock. I thought that would change, but if we took the same picture today it would look no different. […]

Ask a Life Coach | October

Monthly we visit a series called “Ask a Life Coach.” As a certified Life Coach and contributor at NQA I will respond to your questions. If you have a question you can submit it here. C.J. asks: How do I keep myself focused and my eyes on Christ when it seems that all day my […]

Enjoy Your Life

Enjoy today. It won’t come back –Amish Proverb Do you enjoy life? Really enjoy it? We often wish life was simpler, but we are the ones in control of our schedule. We are also the ones who can hold ourselves back or experience life to the fullest with joy. “The purpose of life is to […]

Inappropriate Grace

It has been two years since our family has come back to the states. We are officially on furlough in for the next six weeks. In the first few days of arriving in Raleigh we were showered with love, resources, finances, and encouragement from people of Vintage Church in Raleigh North Carolina. One night a […]

Aging Gracefully

I had a birthday this month. The big 5-0. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Do I feel a mid-life crisis coming on? Should I consider cosmetic surgery? Is this the beginning of a new phase? Which all happened at a great time. I was visiting our local senior center to learn to […]

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