A Love Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, Thank you for the lovely holiday season. I especially enjoyed the quiet snow falling on Thanksgiving. It made the whole day soft and left the world crystal bright and sparkling. I love it when you do that. The ice storm last week, however, was a bit much. Yeah it was pretty but some […]

Stretching the Summer Garden

The autumn leaves are in full color, the walnuts and hickory nuts are on the ground, and the first light frost has nipped at the plant leaves in my garden. It is a beautiful time, I tell myself, but nevertheless this season brings me a tinge of sadness. The abundant produce of the summer vegetables […]

Sweater Weather

It happened last week; there was a nip of fall in the air. I stepped out for a morning walk, and I needed a sweater. Ah. Of course this is California, so by the time I got home I had removed the sweater. And by early afternoon it was 80° again. Bummer. I want autumn […]

Think About Winter Now

I live in northwest Montana, only an hour’s drive from the Canadian border, so summer for us is a quick guest that leaves before we know it. By October I’ll be pulling out the plastic bins so I can retrieve the long sleeves and pack away the breezy summer clothing. Today I was reading about […]

How to Care for Your Sweaters

Cool weather is here to stay for the next few months, so I’m beginning to swap out my early fall clothes for my winter ones. The largest part of my winter closet? Sweaters. What can I say? I love to knit and have a fond appreciation for the finer fibers in life. I’m sure the […]

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