Inspiration and ‘A Wedding for Julia’

Today I thought I’d answer a few questions about my latest release, A Wedding for Julia (Harvest House, July 2013). If you have any questions, please post them. I love to hear from readers! What was my inspiration? Usually I think of CHARACTERS first, not what is happening to them. This was certainly true for […]

Resolution: A Simple Life

I adore new years. There’s something about flipping the page on the calendar (yes, I still have a wall calendar) that gives me hope! I can accomplish the things important to me. I can make changes that need to be made. I can . . . I know I can. I don’t just make resolutions. […]

Christmas Chaos

Have you ever had too much Christmas cheer stuffed into your home? I’ve spent entire afternoons untangling lights to hang on the roof and the trees. Invited guests for a holiday dinner and suffered through planning, cleaning and cooking. Christmas chaos! There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but . . . HOME is […]

Gift Boxes

Boxes full of Gifts I love October. I really do. But when I turn that calendar page and my eye scans down to the end of the month, the first thing I think is, “Two months until Christmas.” Are you groaning or laughing? It seems we jump right over Thanksgiving. Doesn’t it? Yet as a mom […]

Prayer Shawls

I had not heard the term prayer shawls until recently. I was in church, and the woman who is in charge of this ministry stepped up, laid out the shawls members had made, and our pastor blessed them. Whoa! I was hooked. A prayer shawl is something that, while you’re making it, you pray for […]

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