If Ever a Heart were Faithful and True

If ever a heart were faithful and true, It’s the very heart I’m offering to you. When I was a child in school, Valentine’s Day was a party day. The classroom was decorated with pink or red streamers, and moms sent heart-shaped cookies or decorated cupcakes to school. We were expected to bring a Valentine […]

Say Cheese

Have you ever wished you could make your own cheese? Some kinds, like gouda or cheddar, practically require a degree in chemistry and a cave set aside for the process, but soft cheese is simple enough for any kitchen. Not convinced? Here’s the ingredient list: 1/2 gallon of milk (try whole milk) The juice of […]


Am I the only one emerging from a nasty cold that’s been lingering for more than a week . . .and counting? Oh, my aching throat! I’m so thankful to have discovered a simple, natural “cough syrup” that really soothes a scratchy, inflamed throat, costs little to prepare, and is all natural. Best of all, […]

31 Days of Cookbooks | Betty Crocker

Every kitchen needs at least one basic cookbook, something that provides an entry for every fundamental recipe prevalent in our homogenized culture. Need to know how to hard-boil an egg? Knead bread? Make pancakes? Cut up a roast chicken? Cook dry beans? You need a standard cookbook to make sure all your bases are covered. […]

31 Days of Cookbooks | The Mennonite Treasury

Do you have a cookbook memory that shoots you straight back to your childhood? I know I do. It’s The Mennonite Treasury of Recipes that held pride of place in my mother’s kitchen all my growing up years and beyond. I was surprised to find that this book, copyrighted in 1962, had three printings in […]

The Five Senses of Simplicity

I’m sure we’d all agree that life should be simpler. But what does that even mean? Is that an attainable goal, or is it some esoteric ideal, always out of reach? Close your eyes for a moment and daydream up a simple life. Take the time to savor it and focus on the various aspects […]

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