Frustratingly Visible

I am headed home in about three weeks. Well, headed to my HOME country. It is the second time in four years we have gone home on furlough. I. Can’t. Wait. The best thing about going home? Being anonymous again. I realize that sounds really weird. I live in Wabigalo parish, a large slum in […]

The Resurrected Life

This month the focus is on the resurrected life. I could write all sorts of churchy, Christian-ese lingo to explain what that means to me. Instead, I want to share some pictures of the resurrected life in action . . . through baptism. The people in these photos have amazing stories probably not unlike your […]

Radical Resolutions

It’s a new year. Again. I get tired just thinking about it. Of course everyone has made their resolutions and grand proclamations about how things will be different, better, healthier this year. It really is a time I don’t look forward to. Last week I mumbled something to myself (because if I said it out […]

Breaking Down Walls

“It is better to be deceived a thousand times than to live a life of suspicion.” —Spurgeon Almost four years ago, we packed up everything we could fit in eleven suitcases and moved to Uganda. More specifically, a slum in the heart of Kampala. Our house was a disappointment at first and with our compound […]

“Feastmas” in Uganda!

I just celebrated my fourth Christmas in Uganda. Honestly I am at a loss to adequately describe the joy of something so different from what I am used to. Four years without stockings, Christmas lights on every house, the frenzied pressure of picking the perfect gift, and credit card debt. Four years without my mom […]

Pictures of Gratitude

Instead of listing things I’m thankful for, I wanted to show you. I want to share a prayer from The Valley of Vision, a collection of puritan prayers, and also post pictures of people and things God has given me in recent years that have caused my heart to tremble with gratitude. Too often I […]

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