Snowbird | Six Sights to See in Pinecraft, Florida

Snowbird—Six Sights to See in Pinecraft, Florida “So, little snowbird, take me with you when you go; To that land of gentle breezes where the peaceful waters flow.” Snowbird, Anne Murray We were blessed to be invited to a Sarasota, Florida wedding for our niece and her fiancé in December. The Monday ceremony was very […]

Amish Communities to Visit

  I have all things Amish on my mind, what with the upcoming release of The Kissing Bridge. So I  asked you on Facebook what Amish communities you’d like to visit. Here are some answers: Jessica R.—Holmes County Rachelle M.—I live in the best Amish community! Shipshewana, IN! Kym A.—Lancaster, I love it there! Amy B.—Belleville, or Reedsville, […]

Traveling Down Memory Lane

Mom and I are at it again. We’ve been traveling together. Last month I told you about our adventures to Norway. (You can read that post here.) This month we are traveling down memory lane. I flew home Colorado Springs to help my mom go through some more of her closets. This is my third […]

A Trip Through Amish Country

Last Memorial Day weekend my husband and I traveled to Shipshewana, Indiana—Amish country! We went for a few reasons: I’m writing a true story of an ex-Amish couple and my publisher Zondervan met us to do a video shoot. (A Simple Hope will be out spring 2014!) I had a book signing for my new […]

Postcard From Alaska

So, I received a postcard from Alaska this week. It made my day! When was the last time you received a postcard or maybe even sent one? It’s been years for me. Now, it always seems so much easier and faster to click a photo of something and text the image to a friend. All […]

Slow Travel

This week I went to visit my mother in Colorado. I live in California. The quick thing to go was fly. But I had a better idea. I took the train. It was nostalgic for me. When I was a little girl we took the train to Grandma’s house all the time. This trip I […]

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