Ask a Life Coach | September

Last month we introduced a new series called “Ask a Life Coach.” I was thrilled with the questions you submitted! As a certified life coach and contributor at NQA, I will break down a reader’s question once a month. We will get to the heart of what is going on with the goal being creating […]

Family Day at the DMV

There we sat. All together. Daughter, son, husband, and me. Sitting among people who stare straight ahead, waiting for their number to be called so they can get their business done and go home. Sitting on hard, uncomfortable benches. Waiting. Waiting. Daughter is nervous, waiting for the driver’s test. Son is too. They go over […]

Time is Valuable

“Most of us sense something else about time: it is a resource. Moreover, it is a unique resource. It cannot be accumulated like money or stockpiled like raw materials. We are forced to spend it, whether we choose to or not, and at a fixed rate of 60 seconds every minute. It cannot be turned […]

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