The Power of Simple Thanks

Last weekend we had an ordinary Saturday, starting with granddaughter Sugar Lump’s first Easter egg hunt. We gathered with hundreds of varying sizes of cuteness along with their parents and grands, straining to hear the countdown. At the right time, we surged forward, gently, with the others. We had no expectations of how many eggs, […]

How to Live a Slow(er) and More Peaceful Life

  Too often we rush through life. We speed through our neighborhoods and cities without truly seeing what we’re passing. We don’t have time for friends, and because of that when we truly need a friend no one is around. In the Amish community, travel is done at the speed of a buggy. They attend church […]

Blessings Jar

The busiest season of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are all right around the corner. How do you keep from drowning in the commercialism, busyness, and pulls on your time? For our family it is a matter of reconnecting with our roots and remembering cherished family traditions. Our  Blessing Jar […]

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