True Thanksgiving

“True Thanksgiving is thanks-living.” Amish proverb Thanksgiving is underrated. It’s one of those rare holidays that is generally pretty low key, hasn’t been commercialized, and a day to give thanks and be grateful. Of course, for some it’s a day to watch football, eat too much, and spend time with friends and family (which you […]

More Amish in Their Own Words

Many of you wrote and wanted to read more “Amish in Their Own Words.” Just a recap—these are short pieces taken from Amish scribes’ letters to The Sugarcreek Budget—an Amish-Mennonite newspaper. They’re a peek into the Plain life . . . permission granted! In their own words: “Found on a tombstone in Rhode Island: ‘Under […]

Less is More

After studying the Amish so intensively these last few years, I know there’s a lot more that separates us than it might seem on the surface. It’s easy to get distracted by the bonnets and the beards. And . . . with the Amish (unlike the German Baptists and most Mennonites), add in the buggies. […]

The Amish in Their Own Words

The Sugarcreek, Ohio, Budget has been published since 1890 and serves the Amish and Mennonite communities around the world. The National Edition consists primarily of letters from mostly Amish and Mennonite “scribes” who write in on a weekly basis (more or less) to report on local happenings: births, deaths, weddings, visitors, the weather, the state […]

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