Life Is Good In The Summer

Are you enjoying summer? I am basking in the delightful sun and love having no set schedule but the one I make. Before we know it school will be starting (my kiddos already got their schedules!) and we all will be rushing around again. Well, at least that’s how it feels in my house. I […]

I Hate Summer

I have tried to like summer, really I have. I wrote about summer in my May post. But I was faking. I hate summer. Summer is hot and humid and I’d rather curl up inside with a book or my knitting. I love nature just not when it’s trying to cook me the minute I […]

Keepin’ My Cool With Knitting

The recent heat way in the West kept many folks inside, poolside, or beside a fan. When the weather changes, so does life. It’s too hot to bake, too hot to exercise, and too hot to knit. Wait a minute, I can’t give up my knitting! I know the thought of wool in your hands […]

How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool

Having a hot summer out where you are? Here, too! <click to tweet> I saw this crazy cool (pun intended) idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have to give it a try when my granddaughters visited. Our prime opportunity came when we celebrated the youngest one’s first birthday. Here she is checking out the water […]

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