Stress . . . Line One

Is stress calling for you? Stress is defined as “pressure or tension exerted on a material object” or, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” I reckon we all can relate to having a demanding situation that has faced us. Whether a big situation or small […]

4 Steps to a Stress-Free Holiday

This month in our “Ask A Life Coach” segment M.V. asks: “Every year I have high hopes of making the holiday’s stress free and every year I fail. Is this really possible and if so how?” Ohhhh, M.V., is there anyone out there not thinking about this right now? Thanksgiving is a week away and […]

Relax . . . It’s Friday Afternoon!

Has it hit you yet? The sense of urgency? Of the holidays beginning and already leaving you behind? The scariest thing I saw on Halloween was holly garlands and a Christmas tree in the mall. Frightening! Many of us bemoan this rush of holidays in the fall. What’s a crafter to do? I did write […]

Relax…God Is In Control | Guest Post by Beth Wiseman

  That’s what is printed on the T-shirt I am wearing today—Relax, God is in control. And that is something I need to remember as the holidays draw near. My Amish friends celebrate Thanksgiving the same way we do—gathering with family and enjoying a traditional turkey and dressing meal. But for Christmas, they enjoy a simpler […]

3 Ways to Refocus When Life Feels Overwhelming

You know those days when the phone keeps ringing, the deadlines keep looming, and the voices keep getting louder? The days when the laundry piles are taking over the house and everyone wants to know what’s for supper and you wonder if you’ll ever be caught up with anything again? They happen to all of us. […]

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