5 Ways to Edit Your Home

Recently I wrote a post over on my blog about telling a story with your home. I talked about ways in which you can use your surroundings as a way to convey your family values and priorities. Today I’d like to discuss a key to simplifying—editing your home once your story is already being told. […]

Simplify Your Choices to Save Time

We live in the land of opportunity. If I want to make Thai food for dinner, I can Google a recipe, stop at the store for all the ingredients, and whip something up. Just in my local community I can sign up for Chinese classes, painting classes, and violin. I had dozens and dozens of […]

How to Simplify Your Life, Amish-Style

One of the things that most attracts me to the Amish is the seemingly simplicity of their life. They’re not running to and fro, juggling sport practices, errands, scheduling car maintenance, hair appointments, date night, careers outside the home, interviews . . .  are you getting a picture of my week? I’m guessing it looks […]

Time to Simplify

Over the past several years when the new year dawns, it seems people sometimes choose a particular word to focus on for the coming 365 days. This is something I’ve done as well, and I usually start thinking about the “word” in November. The year 2013 was a bumpy ride, putting it mildly, and life […]

4 Tips to Experience the Simple Life

Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to the next? Do you secretly yearn for some of the simplicity the Amish seem to possess? With all the running around we do in today’s society, it’s no wonder Amish fiction has taken off. It’s a form of escape for the over-processed world we […]

Simplifying Your Life

So often when I visit the Amish I think, “I want to live like that. I want a simpler life.” When I read an Amish book, it reinforces the things that I admire about Amish communities. And there are ways I can simplify my life: Walk somewhere instead of driving Eat at home Spend time […]

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