I Hate Summer

I have tried to like summer, really I have. I wrote about summer in my May post. But I was faking. I hate summer. Summer is hot and humid and I’d rather curl up inside with a book or my knitting. I love nature just not when it’s trying to cook me the minute I […]

Autumn: An Appreciation

All my senses are ready for fall to be here! I love the cold weather and the comfort food. I am excited for the shorter days and bundling up in layers of clothes. I can’t wait to wear my sweaters and have soup for dinner. The first official day of autumn is September 22. But […]

How to Wear a Cargo Jacket

Now that it feel like fall is officially here (at least in most of the U.S.), women everywhere are beginning to build their fall wardrobes. It’s hard to balance trends versus classics, save versus splurge, and it’s all too easy to go over budget. I could give you the full list of everything you should […]

Celebrate the Season

Hi NQA readers! I can’t believe that we are knee-deep into November! Where did 2012 go? I hope you stick with us through the holidays because we have some great posts ready with you mind. 😉 One of the highlights of the end of the year for me is traveling to my hometown for Christmas! […]

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