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Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart

Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart Many years ago, I went through a Compass Financial Ministries small group study. There are many good resources out there on how to manage your money according to Biblical principles, but Compass helped me understand the “why?” One of the lessons was on how we […]

Be Free of the Tyranny of the Cards

The Devil is brilliant. He crept into every store in our country and installed swipe machines. So we take our shopping carts (buggies, if you live in the south) and pile up whatever we want. This and this and this and this. Ooooh, that looks good. Toss it in the cart. Then we go to […]

Spring Clean, Green Clean

“I love a clean house. I just don’t like cleaning.” That’s a direct quote from our twenty-year-old daughter, Emma, who recently graduated from college and is now living in her first apartment. Emma is honest enough to express what most of us feel—we want our homes to be uncluttered, fresh, and inviting, but getting there […]

Save $5,000 This Year While Saving the Planet

Take a cue from the Amish: Save money while leaving a better planet for future generations. Below are twenty simple ways to start saving today while leaving a cleaner planet for tomorrow. Change one or two habits each month, and watch the savings add up! Almost Amish Tip / Possible Savings per Year 1. Make […]

Seven Tips for Smart Shoppers

If you’re anything like the average American family, money can be a little tight right now. I’m always looking for ways to save a little bit of money, whether that means shopping at Goodwill, clipping coupons, or waiting until something goes on sale to buy it. Here are my top seven tips for smart shoppers: […]

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