Do Not Worry

It’s nearly the middle of January. Are you used to writing 2015 yet? My, how the years seem to fly by! My friend Libby often quotes, “The days are long, but the years are short,” to young mothers. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Libby and I were young mothers, supporting each other, but […]

Swing Into the New Year

The countdown to the New Year is upon us. Are you ready to swing into a new year? I usually don’t make a resolution because I never follow through and tend to forget what exactly I said I was going to do. This year I am going to be different and step outside the proverbial […]

10,000 Resolutions

How goes that New Year’s resolution you started? Do you even remember what you promised yourself you would do? I had lots of grand plans. I do every year. It’s a wonder I am not the healthiest, most spiritual, happiest, most well adjusted person you could ever meet. Because every year I lean into the […]

A Simpler Year

  I think most of us would admit that we’d like to spend more time with family. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually stop and notice the sunset? We’d LIKE for our lives to slow down a bit, and a new year is a perfect time to make those commitments. So what can you do […]

When Stopping Is the Start

What if instead of starting in January, we stop? I know, that sounds a little crazy in the midst of all the New Year’s resolutions about healthy living, spiritual growth, and relational investments that fill my Facebook feed and probably yours too. But hear me out. What happens in your heart, your home, your church, […]

10 Simple Steps for a Healthier You

It’s a week into the New Year and already people are hard at work trying to lose weight, get more exercise, or attain some other health goal that they’ve set for the year. Fitness centers get flooded with new members and the sale of “diet” foods and “diet” programs peaks. But does a healthier lifestyle […]

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