Radical Resolutions

It’s a new year. Again. I get tired just thinking about it. Of course everyone has made their resolutions and grand proclamations about how things will be different, better, healthier this year. It really is a time I don’t look forward to. Last week I mumbled something to myself (because if I said it out […]

Resolution: A Simple Life

I adore new years. There’s something about flipping the page on the calendar (yes, I still have a wall calendar) that gives me hope! I can accomplish the things important to me. I can make changes that need to be made. I can . . . I know I can. I don’t just make resolutions. […]

I Resolve to . . .

Yes, it’s that time of year. The calendar was flipped to 2013, and everyone in America (and I’m sure a few other countries) are making resolutions for a new year. Most everyone has a similar list. I even found one on the internet. Stop Smoking Get into a Habit of Being Fit Lose Weight Enjoy […]

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