Amish Quilts

I think most of us would agree that Amish quilts are something of a cultural icon. They are beautiful as well as functional, yet they also serve as a form of entertainment and togetherness for the Amish women who make them. I’m certain most of us have heard of or seen pictures of Amish women […]

Where Healing Blooms

Are you gardening yet? I am! And I have little red cherry tomatoes to prove it! It’s funny that sometimes when I write about a thing, I begin to do that thing. I wrote an Amish mystery series set in a quilt shop, and I began quilting. I wrote Where Healing Blooms, one of the […]

Seven Things I learned from Quilting

Hang around the Amish long enough and you will soon find yourself gardening, cooking and quilting. Okay, maybe that’s just me. Isn’t it true though, that when you read about a group of people, it causes you to pause . . . and consider? A small garden is a lot of fun, especially the harvest. […]

Whose Made Stitches on Your Life Quilt?

One of the things I admire about the Amish is the way they incorporate extended members of the family into the lives. As Mother’s Day draws near, I’m reminded of all the woman in my life that helped shape the person I’ve become. While my mother is high on that list, there are so many […]

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