Perfectionism | Guest Post with Steven Estes

We’re about halfway through our 21 Day of Favorite Family Recipes, and boy, what scrumptious recipes we’ve had! Have you tried to make any of our recipes? How did it turn out? Was it far from picture perfect? You aren’t alone. The holiday season always seems to bring out our competitive nature—our need to prove […]

Think About Winter Now

I live in northwest Montana, only an hour’s drive from the Canadian border, so summer for us is a quick guest that leaves before we know it. By October I’ll be pulling out the plastic bins so I can retrieve the long sleeves and pack away the breezy summer clothing. Today I was reading about […]

The Amish Funny Bone | Guest Post by Suzanne Woods Fisher

If you are under the impression the Amish don’t have a sense of humor, well, “have another think.” Here’s a favorite: “‘One must remember where it comes from,’ said the farmer when the mule kicked him.” Wouldn’t you love to know the story behind that one? One of the main tasks of the Christian life […]

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