Recipe Wrangling

It used to be that we cooks would keep recipes together in a neat little box, plastic or wood, and have our favorites ready to go at a moment’s notice. I remember the box my mother kept handy—that, and a copy of her red-and-white checkered, spiral-bound copy of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. […]

Snap It to Win It Contest

We all have that moment when we realize our lives are too stressful, too busy, too filled, and instead of feeling content with ourselves, our relationships, our lives, we end up disappointed, overwhelmed, and burnt out. Sometimes even the simplest reminder—whether it’s a photograph or a page of encouragement from a book—can help us de-stress and […]

The Pinterest Trap

My house is not Pinteresting. I’ve never made a pennant banner, and I don’t own spray paint or Mod Podge. Seriously, did God know about Pinterest when He told us to love our neighbor? Didn’t He know we’d break out in a cold sweat at the thought of creating the perfect centerpiece and folding our […]

How to Help Your Kids Keep Their Cool

Having a hot summer out where you are? Here, too! <click to tweet> I saw this crazy cool (pun intended) idea on Pinterest and figured I’d have to give it a try when my granddaughters visited. Our prime opportunity came when we celebrated the youngest one’s first birthday. Here she is checking out the water […]

What Flavor Is Your Hospitality?

I walked into a baby shower this morning, and it was a living Pinterest board. Bright cloth banners lined the windows. A table was set with fresh roses lining the center. Each place setting had a glass bowl of layered yogurt, fruit, and granola, as well as a mason glass with layered sherbet punch and […]

Pin & Win Contest Winners Announced

Thank you all so much for participating in the Pin & Win with Not Quite Amish contest! We were overwhelmed by the support you showed each day with the daily giveaways and also with the Pinterest boards you entered. Our runner-up, who will receive three books courtesy of Tricia Goyer (Pleasing God, God’s Love, and The Work […]

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