How to Live a Slow(er) and More Peaceful Life


  Too often we rush through life. We speed through our neighborhoods and cities without truly seeing what we’re passing. We don’t have time for friends, and because of that when we truly need a friend no one is around. In the Amish community, travel is done at the speed of a buggy. They attend church… Read More

One Stitch at a Time

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.07.01 PM

I am sure you’ve probably heard the adage: The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. As I was knitting the other day I thought, The journey of a finished sweater begins with the first stitch. A finished sweater takes 10,000+ stitches. And the average knitter will need 40 to 60 hours… Read More

The Conductor


It was a Sunday. And it was a Sunday I had taken off from my work as a Children’s Director, which made it an extra special day because I got to go to church with my family. The kids asked if we got to ride in the same car together, and I said, “Yes!” They… Read More

The Awesome Power of Silence


We live in a noisy world. Right? Sometimes that noise is a blessed melody. Other times it wears me out. If you’ve visited many Amish communities, you might have noticed the absence of noise. No television. No radio. No ringing phone (at least not in the house). There are the usual sounds of animals, children,… Read More

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