Container Gardening | Guest Post by Angela England

Container gardening is a great way to grow fruits and vegetables when you don’t have a huge garden space but still want to grow edible goodies. You’ve probably seen tempting pictures of strawberry planters or kitchen herb gardens and perhaps been interested in tackling some container gardens of your own! “There’s no reason that container […]

10 Spiritual Lessons from Gardening

Gardeners and farmers live in tune with the seasons. We’re intimately acquainted with the life cycles of food and how it arrives on our tables because we’re involved in every step. Here are ten ways gardening parallels spiritual truth. 1. Prepare the soil. A random seed scattered here or there isn’t likely to grow, just […]

Yard Time

It might seem strange to be talking about yards in February, but trust me—it’s the best time for planning. You have the energy, you have the desire (will it ever be warm again), and you have the time since you’re not doing yard work! Because I write Amish fiction, I am constantly looking around my […]

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