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Autumn Outreach

My daughter used to get on my last nerve by the last day of summer. I think this phenomena is actually God’s kindness to mothers, easing the pain of separation with the joy of independence (her’s and mine!). We both looked forward to going back to school. But then I blinked, and this happened— Just […]

Front Yard Friendships

  One sunny morning, loyal dog at my feet and hot coffee in hand, I sat in my favorite spot with my Bible and journal and wrote: “I’d like to share what I’m learning with other people.” The journal was soon filled with dozens of different ideas, topics and verses the Lord and I explored […]

A Kinder Christmas

  My house is inundated with Christmas because of the books arriving. The Christmas Quilt released in October, which is the sequel to A Simple Amish Christmas. And Christmas in Pebble Creek, a free short e-book, released November 1. So yeah — a lot of celebrating. One of the reasons I enjoy writing Christmas stories […]

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