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Simplify Your Choices to Save Time

We live in the land of opportunity. If I want to make Thai food for dinner, I can Google a recipe, stop at the store for all the ingredients, and whip something up. Just in my local community I can sign up for Chinese classes, painting classes, and violin. I had dozens and dozens of […]

Ask a Life Coach

Hi! I am Carey Bailey. I am one the contributors for NQA and I am a life coach. Yes, those are real! I am excited to announce a new monthly feature here at NQA: Ask a Life Coach. Maybe you have always thought about having a life coach but the investment isn’t realistic for you, […]

Swap, Share, and Save

Over the last three decades, the Three R’s—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle—have become a regular part of our speech and practices. Now it’s time focus on the Three S’s: Swap, Share, and Save. John the Baptist tells us if we have two cloaks, to share one with our brother. Isn’t it time for us to take […]

A New Year, A “New” Kitchen

I had a quiet snicker to myself when I joined the blog and was assigned “Simple Kitchen” posts. Why? I have to rein myself in on a regular basis. I can take a baked potato and turn it into an all-night affair. There’s just something excessive about my personality, and I have to temper myself […]

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