17 Ways to Pray for Your Neighbors

Prayer won’t change God’s heart toward your neighbors (He’s couldn’t love them any more than He already does!), but it will change you! Try these tips and tools when praying for your neighbors: Pray by name 1. Register at pray4everyhome.com to instantly receive a free, detailed map of your neighborhood with the names and addresses […]

Home for the Holidays | Spreading Cheer to Your Neighbors

Have you included your neighbors in your Christmas plans this year? All you have to do is set aside the time you’d spend watching one Christmas movie or making one trip to the mall, and use that time to do something special with your neighbors. Let me show you how! The Neighborhood Café is offering […]

Autumn Outreach

My daughter used to get on my last nerve by the last day of summer. I think this phenomena is actually God’s kindness to mothers, easing the pain of separation with the joy of independence (her’s and mine!). We both looked forward to going back to school. But then I blinked, and this happened— Just […]

Hidden Treasure In Your Own Neighborhood

Squeezing exercise into a busy schedule is a hard thing to do. I know I’ve avoided it for months. But it’s so important. Finally I decided to take action. I started walking morning and evening. Nothing fancy, no gym bag, no plan, just walk out my front door and explore my neighborhood. Easy. Heading out […]

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