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See Our Earth through Little Eyes

Our kids and grandkids will inherit the Earth God created for humankind to enjoy. How many of us take the time to see the natural beauty He made? And if we don’t see it ourselves, how can we share it with the little ones in our life, helping them to appreciate and treat it with […]

How to Plan a Successful Blackberry-Picking Party

The end of August heralds the last days of summer and the beginning of autumn. At our house, this means lots of harvesting, canning, and preparing the garden and livestock for winter. We currently have a herd of six beef cattle, but we’re adding chickens next week. At our homestead, in the foothills of the […]

A Garden Interview with Nancy Sleeth

Nancy, you have been an advocate for backyard gardens. How did you get into gardening? I didn’t always love gardening. I grew up in the suburbs, and every spring my dad had a load of steaming mulch dumped in our driveway. It was the children’s job to shovel the mulch into the wheelbarrow and spread […]


One of the new buzz words in our culture is “conservation.” But that idea isn’t a new one. The Amish have been conserving for years, and our grandparents did too. One way we conserve is WATER. Living in Texas where water is scarce, conserving water is a way of life. It doesn’t rain often, and […]

Hidden Treasure In Your Own Neighborhood

Squeezing exercise into a busy schedule is a hard thing to do. I know I’ve avoided it for months. But it’s so important. Finally I decided to take action. I started walking morning and evening. Nothing fancy, no gym bag, no plan, just walk out my front door and explore my neighborhood. Easy. Heading out […]

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