Supermarket Savvy

Beep. Beep. Beep. That’s the sound of food being rung into the cash register at my local grocery store. I’m exhausted from another busy day, and I can’t wait to get home and eat. Okay, I’ll admit it. What I’m really looking forward to first is the chocolate bar I picked up for the drive […]

What We Did on Our Way to Debt-Free

My dad was vocal about one thing when it came to money. The first 10% went to the Lord. A wise man who has handled money well and enjoys a debt-free life, he made it very clear that earning a paycheck is by the grace of God, and God deserves a thank-you by way of […]

Money-Saving Tips

Money-Saving Tips As a stay-at-home mom of 20 years, I know how important stretching our funds and living on one income is. Even though making our money last longer is the goal, I have also looked at saving money as a second job for me. If I can find a way to purchase something for […]

The Mighty Dollar | Guest Post & Giveaway by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Today, please welcome to Not Quite Amish author Suzanne Woods Fisher! Book one, The Letters, in Suzanne’s new series, Inn at Eagle Hill, is about to release on August 1. Suzanne is hosting a scavenger hunt July 23 – August 1, and I’m one of the stops! Keep an eye on Suzanne’s blog for a […]

How to Make Your Own Mocha or Latte

Looking to save some cash this month? Trying hitting up Starbucks less and your kitchen more! Making your own mocha (or latte) is really simple. This is a Saeco espresso machine. French press coffee would be ideal if you don’t have an espresso machine, but regular coffee can work, too. Just make sure you use […]

Be Free of the Tyranny of the Cards

The Devil is brilliant. He crept into every store in our country and installed swipe machines. So we take our shopping carts (buggies, if you live in the south) and pile up whatever we want. This and this and this and this. Ooooh, that looks good. Toss it in the cart. Then we go to […]

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