Twenty years, three things about love ‘n marriage

This month, my husband and I plan to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first date. I think, “Wow, twenty years. When did that happen?” Twenty years ago, we went on our first date. We went through the Taco Bell drive-through and then went to see a movie. We’d torn ourselves away from my husband’s […]

Conversation Starters for Married Couples!

I remember one weekend my husband and I had the chance to getaway. OK, the truth is we had our then-two-year-old daughter with us, but we were in Branson (which is a cool place), we didn’t turn on our computers for the most part, and we had time just to hang out. Before we left […]

Six Steps to Intentional Marriage

Corporations and organizations spend time and money on developing strategic planning processes. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? It seems only logical to do it for the most important institution of all—marriage. Early in our marriage, my husband and I started a tradition we keep every year […]

Six Steps to HEA

Happily Ever After. It’s what we love to read. It’s what we watch on television. And it’s what we pray for in our own lives. I write Amish romance, and in each of my books there is always a Happily Ever After element. I want readers to reach The End and feel encouraged—in their faith, […]

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