Why I Refused to Love My Neighbor (Plus a Giveaway!)

When our daughter outgrew her swing set, we sold it to an acquaintance who struggled to find a truck and some buddies to help haul it away. We weren’t home when his plan came together, so we told him to go ahead and get started. They removed the swings and were dismantling the slide when […]

Neighbors by the Numbers

One of the reasons we hesitate to meet our neighbors is the big unknown. What are they like? Will they like me? Will they be friends or foes? Your neighbors’ homes are about the same size, value and style as yours—but the conversations inside those homes may be very different than the ones happening around […]

Smile on Your Brother: Befriending Amish Neighbors

A reader asked how to go about making friend with her Amish neighbors. Here are a few suggestions. Hire Them! Many Amish depend on family businesses to make a living. Why not buy what they sell? I met ‘Betsie’ in her Plain City harness shop. I don’t have horses, but I wrote an article for […]

I Just Live Here

The windows in your church may have been made in my hometown, or the glass you used to sip your orange juice this morning. I just live here. We’ve been manufacturing glass here since 1890, when the abundance of natural gas and sandstone made Lancaster, Ohio, a natural choice for factories that blew and pressed […]

“Not Quite” a Good Neighbor

I’ve spent the last several years getting to know my neighbors, and I’ve made plenty of blunders along the way. My Top 10 mistakes are compiled in this list. “Not Quite” Amish Living might be an honorable goal, but let’s take care to avoid these pitfalls on being “not quite” a good neighbor: #10 Tell […]

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