3 Ways to Refocus When Life Feels Overwhelming

You know those days when the phone keeps ringing, the deadlines keep looming, and the voices keep getting louder? The days when the laundry piles are taking over the house and everyone wants to know what’s for supper and you wonder if you’ll ever be caught up with anything again? They happen to all of us. […]

I Have a Care Package for You!

A few years ago a friend of ours was getting ready to start chemotherapy. Since there was really nothing I could do to “make it better,” I wanted to do something to help him in a practical way. Something that might help him through what he was about to face. I called my friend Jeanine, […]

4 Tips to Experience the Simple Life

Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to the next? Do you secretly yearn for some of the simplicity the Amish seem to possess? With all the running around we do in today’s society, it’s no wonder Amish fiction has taken off. It’s a form of escape for the over-processed world we […]

7 Ways You Can Give Your Life Away

My family and I have lived on a college campus for more than 15 years. On a regular basis we will hear a knock on the front door only to find, on the other side, a students who has a need. One evening my husband and I were enjoying a few quiet moments together when […]

Simplifying Your Life

So often when I visit the Amish I think, “I want to live like that. I want a simpler life.” When I read an Amish book, it reinforces the things that I admire about Amish communities. And there are ways I can simplify my life: Walk somewhere instead of driving Eat at home Spend time […]

Ask a Life Coach

Hi! I am Carey Bailey. I am one the contributors for NQA and I am a life coach. Yes, those are real! I am excited to announce a new monthly feature here at NQA: Ask a Life Coach. Maybe you have always thought about having a life coach but the investment isn’t realistic for you, […]

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