Simplifying Our Choices

We desire peace, balance and simplicity. But do the choices we make daily reflect the internal desire of our heart? I believe most of us desire to make good choices surrounding our relationships, our health and our time but the reality is we live in a world that tempts us with junk, and if you […]

3 tips to avoiding the Summer Grumps

I was a first born, rule-following, kid. IF by chance I didn’t follow a rule, my conscience talked to me so loudly that I would run to my mama with tears in my eyes and spit out a blubbering confession (ex: the time I shaved my legs on a dare at a slumber party in […]

Getting a Refill on your Cup of Joy

Last week was a rough week. There were plenty of logical reasons why. I had been traveling the week before, my kids were off their routine, my husband wasn’t feeling awesome, and I had started a new workout routine. I have to just face the facts that exercise . . . especially butt-kicking exercise . […]

Vocation Changes

In this month’s, Ask A Life Coach, we look at a question from one of our readers. R.F. asks: “I have been struggling for the last year with my work life. I believe I am called to ministry in some capacity, but not sure what. When I share this call with friends, they tell me I should […]

5 Tips to Creating Resolutions with Resolve

Monthly we visit a series called “Ask a Life Coach.” As a certified Life Coach and contributor at NQA, Carey C. Bailey will respond to your questions. If you have a question you can submit it here. E.W.  asks: Each year I am determined to set goals, or some might call them resolutions, but every year only a […]

Ask a Life Coach | October

Monthly we visit a series called “Ask a Life Coach.” As a certified Life Coach and contributor at NQA I will respond to your questions. If you have a question you can submit it here. C.J. asks: How do I keep myself focused and my eyes on Christ when it seems that all day my […]

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