Christmas is Coming—The Knitter’s Getting Stressed

Earlier this month Teri Lynne shared a post mapping out a great plan of action for the upcoming holiday season. It was thoughtful and full of good advice. If you missed it, here’s a link so you can reread it. The very day I read her post I had purchased my first stocking stuffer of […]

Back To School

Nearly September, back to school! I love this time of year. School supplies are on sale. There are new shoes, new clothes, new lunchboxes and the feeling of beginning and fresh starts. I am a little sidelined though. My son is a junior in college this fall. He is getting his own school supplies, managing […]

Keepin’ My Cool With Knitting

The recent heat way in the West kept many folks inside, poolside, or beside a fan. When the weather changes, so does life. It’s too hot to bake, too hot to exercise, and too hot to knit. Wait a minute, I can’t give up my knitting! I know the thought of wool in your hands […]

Wrapped In Love (Plus a Giveaway)

Knitters have to plan ahead. When you are expecting a baby, knitters are expecting a few months to whip up a blanket, booties, and a cardigan. When they want to create unique Christmas gifts, knitters have to start by Halloween. Knitters are the ones working on sweaters in the July heat or socks on an […]

One Stitch at a Time

I am sure you’ve probably heard the adage: The journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. As I was knitting the other day I thought, The journey of a finished sweater begins with the first stitch. A finished sweater takes 10,000+ stitches. And the average knitter will need 40 to 60 hours […]

Using Up The Stash

Knitters collect yarn. Quilters collect fabric. Crafters of all kinds love supplies. Part of practicing a hobby is having the goodies to play with. Unfortunately sometimes having the things gets to be more important than using what you have. The pile of goodies gets so big, it’s embarrassing. I have a healthy stash of yarn […]

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