Whoopie Pies | The Legend Continues

As some of you know, I am currently working through the first book in a new series. The series is a bit different for me, as most of the characters are Amish who live and work in town. They own furniture stores, restaurants, and bakeries. And what’s an Amish bakery without Whoopie Pies? Mention Whoopie […]

Homewarming with Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Serving soup, salad, and bread is one of the easiest (and most flexible) ways to feed family and friends. Most soups taste even better the second day, so plan for leftovers. If more people show up than expected, you can always expand the soup with a bit more stock. For a heartier meal, offer grilled […]

Creamy Minted Cucumbers

Simple, healthy recipes. I love them. In our crazy, packed day of a family of six, they are a definite blessing. And this creamy cucumber salad fills the spot. The Amish have a few different variations of it, but none of them are very complicated. If you can slice, salt, mix, wait . . . […]

How to Plan a Successful Blackberry-Picking Party

The end of August heralds the last days of summer and the beginning of autumn. At our house, this means lots of harvesting, canning, and preparing the garden and livestock for winter. We currently have a herd of six beef cattle, but we’re adding chickens next week. At our homestead, in the foothills of the […]

10 Great Uses for Vinegar

Story time: As many of you know, I recently started back to Weight Watchers. This summer, while sitting in a meeting, my son calls. He’s sick because he drank a mixture of red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, and lime juice. Such are the joys of living with a highly impulsive child. We’ll never know […]

An Adventuresome Spirit

This week I decided my blog would be about taking the Apple Crisp recipe that is on my bookmarks and make it healthy. It tastes fabulous as is, but it calls for *a lot* of butter. Since I have recently signed up for Weight Watchers (again), what a perfect topic to share: a revamped Amish […]

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