Simplifying Christmas

Thank you for joining us for the Simplifying Christmas series! We hope you’ve taken away a few ideas to slow down and savor the true meaning of Christmas. If you missed any of the days, here they are: Day 1: 12 Tips to Turn Chaos to Wonder by Sarah Sundin Day 2: 9 Ways to Manage […]

Simplifying Christmas | 12 Tips to Turn Chaos to Wonder by Sarah Sundin

Do you break out in hives just thinking about the craziness and chaos that comes with Christmas? It doesn’t have to be that way. Inspirational authors Cara Putman, Sarah Sundin, and Tricia Goyer share about Christmas’ past in their new novella collection Where Treetops Glisten. Their three stories “White Christmas,” “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” […]

Stress . . . Line One

Is stress calling for you? Stress is defined as “pressure or tension exerted on a material object” or, “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” I reckon we all can relate to having a demanding situation that has faced us. Whether a big situation or small […]

4 Tips to Experience the Simple Life

Do you ever feel like you’re running from one thing to the next? Do you secretly yearn for some of the simplicity the Amish seem to possess? With all the running around we do in today’s society, it’s no wonder Amish fiction has taken off. It’s a form of escape for the over-processed world we […]

10 Great Uses for Vinegar

Story time: As many of you know, I recently started back to Weight Watchers. This summer, while sitting in a meeting, my son calls. He’s sick because he drank a mixture of red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, and lime juice. Such are the joys of living with a highly impulsive child. We’ll never know […]

Love My Neighbors—Seriously?

My husband and I once lived in four houses in three states in two years, ending up less than one mile from where we started. One of the neighborhoods where we lived was filled with families who had been there for many years—everyone knew everyone else and quite a bit of their business, too. Another […]

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