The Heart of the Home

One of the things we really wanted to do to our new house was remodel the kitchen. It screamed for updating. So six weeks ago the demolition began. We are still in the middle of the project. Everything everyone has ever said about redoing a kitchen seems to be true: It will take longer than […]

Where is Home?

I once read “Home is where you know how the plumbing works.” That gave me a giggle. And I’ve traveled internationally enough to agree! These days I am thinking home requires more than simple plumbing. We recently moved our lives and household across the country. Setting up everything in a new location has many challenges. […]

Come to the Table(s)

My family and I live in a craftsman style home built in 1921 on a tree-lined street in Portland, Oregon. There have been times when it seemed small for our family of six, but we’ve made it work. We never opted for a larger house in the burbs. We’ve aimed to live a fairly simple […]

Home is Where the Heart Is

The word “home” has to be one of the most beautiful words there is, in any language. In Pennsylvania Dutch, it’s haymet. Last Sunday our three oldest children, all in college, were home—along with our youngest, who is in high school and still lives at home, of course. I feel such peace when we’re all […]

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