Morning Has Broken | Watching Birds Like the Amish

“Morning has broken, like the first morning, Black bird has spoken, like the first bird…” Eleanor Farjeon A very early memory for me is seeing my mom rescue a robin from our basement window well in St. Louis, Missouri. I was probably four years old. I remember the robin sat on her finger and this […]

Welcome Class

Welcome Class! I love autumn. Back to school! For me this time of year used to mean new shoes and lots of new crayons. But I’m a long way from the daily classroom now. And my only child is grown and in his last year of college. I don’t do back to school shopping anymore. […]

Spring Time Choices

Spring has burst all over my world here in California. Blossoms are coloring my morning walks. Gardens I pass sprout many shades of green. The air smells fresh. The skies are blue. It’s that colorful time of the year. I admire all the industry that goes into gardening and farming, but I am not a […]

Thank You For Knitting!

Happy Thanksgiving Day! Have you been counting your blessings today or just eating way too much pumpkin pie? Teehee. I started counting my blessings and the usual nice things came to mind. My health is good. My family is fine. My basic needs are being met in sufficient ways. Hooray! I am a blessed daughter […]

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