Nurturing a Healthy Eating Attitude in Children

Parents teach their children what to eat and how to eat, but a healthy diet includes more than food. It’s also about our attitudes toward eating. Many parents complain of picky eaters or children that just won’t eat. Some are crushed when daughters as young six or seven proclaim they’re fat and need to diet. […]

Homemade Waffles

Did you know that February is National Hot Breakfast Month? It’s quite appropriate considering how cold this winter has been. When I get up in the morning and see wind chills down to -30 degrees or below, a hot breakfast is very appealing. The typical Amish breakfast fits right in with that. You’ll often find […]

21 Days of Favorite Family Recipes | Day 20 – Broccoli and Cranberry Salad

Broccoli has been an overall favorite at our house (meaning three out of my four kids like it—pretty good stats in our family). When the children were little they used to pretend they were dinosaurs and the raw florets were trees. As they matured, they grew to like steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, and broccoli […]

Canned Cream Soup Replacement: From Scratch Holiday Cooking

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is going to be a whole lot of baking and cooking in America’s kitchens, if you haven’t started already. I made and froze all of my pie crusts (my great-grandmothers flaky pastry crust is amazing) ahead of time last week, so I only have to thaw them for an hour […]

Simple Steps for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Every year when November rolls around, I think of Thanksgiving and how I always looked forward to it as a child. It meant the start of the Holiday season–that magical time of year when your favorite old Christmas shows were on, your schedule filled with get-togethers with friends and family, and, oh, so many different […]

Simply Mint

What are you drinking this summer? Soda, coffee, juice, water? Soda used to be the most popular drink for Americans—at least it was for the last two decades. But water has returned to the forefront, and more people are now choosing water over soda as the beverage of choice. That’s good news because water is […]

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