Brussels Sprouts

When I was growing up eating my vegetables was no fun. I was great at pushing the cooked carrots around on my plate or “accidentally” dropping green beans on the floor for the dog. Looking back I can see I was served a lot of canned veggies and I do not mean canned Amish style […]

First Impressions and Avocado Hummus with Jalapeno

I’ve been thinking about first impressions lately, and how they are often incomplete. Take my oldest son, for example. He’s quite tall at almost 6’ 7” and people frequently make assumptions about his interests and abilities. Three or four times each week he has someone ask him the same three-word question: “basketball or volleyball?” when […]

Rhubarb Sauce

There are a few foods that evoke memories of simpler times: fresh creamed garden peas over boiled new potatoes; warm, juicy strawberries just picked from the garden; and tart red and green rhubarb. In simpler times people spent more time outside. Phones only traveled ten feet or so, tethered to the wall instead of our […]

Spring Salad with Fresh Strawberry Vinaigrette

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. After a long winter of snow, cold, and ice I’m more than ready to be outside. I know spring has arrived here since the sandhill cranes visited the pond in back of us last week and everyone was out walking this past weekend in our […]

What Good is a Garden?

While relaxing on a friend’s back porch over a spicy vegetarian stew and homemade bread, the conversation turned, naturally, to food. Everyone around the table expressed concern over how much junk food kids eat and how little time children spend outdoors. Our host said she watches every afternoon as a group of elementary schoolchildren heads […]

12 Tips For Making Your Favorite Recipes Healthier

One of the things I love about the Amish is their cooking. Delicious, yet very rich. This is fine for them; they work more-physical jobs than the average American. Most of us get our exercise at the gym instead of our normal workday. It’s a new year with new (or maybe the same) resolutions. If […]

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