10 Simple Steps for a Healthier You

It’s a week into the New Year and already people are hard at work trying to lose weight, get more exercise, or attain some other health goal that they’ve set for the year. Fitness centers get flooded with new members and the sale of “diet” foods and “diet” programs peaks. But does a healthier lifestyle […]

Simply Mint

What are you drinking this summer? Soda, coffee, juice, water? Soda used to be the most popular drink for Americans—at least it was for the last two decades. But water has returned to the forefront, and more people are now choosing water over soda as the beverage of choice. That’s good news because water is […]

What Good is a Garden?

While relaxing on a friend’s back porch over a spicy vegetarian stew and homemade bread, the conversation turned, naturally, to food. Everyone around the table expressed concern over how much junk food kids eat and how little time children spend outdoors. Our host said she watches every afternoon as a group of elementary schoolchildren heads […]

How to Stay in Shape—Amish style!

I know, you’re busy. There’s barely time to sleep, let alone workout! And then those New Year’s Resolutions are poking us just about this time of year. You can almost hear them asking why we gave up. Didn’t many of us say we were going to be healthier and more active this year? How are […]

13 Super Foods

It’s March and if you’re like me, that New Years resolution to lose weight has died a quick and painful death only to be replaced with another. The bane of my diet plans seems to be processed foods and my incredible craving for them. We all know the Amish don’t eat a lot of processed […]

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