The Awesome Power of Silence

We live in a noisy world. Right? Sometimes that noise is a blessed melody. Other times it wears me out. If you’ve visited many Amish communities, you might have noticed the absence of noise. No television. No radio. No ringing phone (at least not in the house). There are the usual sounds of animals, children, […]

A Gift for Eager Hands

She gathers wool and flax and works with eager hands Proverbs 31:13 I love to knit. I make time for stitches every day. It is my job: I work in a yarn shop. It is my career: I write about knitting. It is my hobby: I make gifts for family and friends. It is my […]

Focused, God-Centered, and Balanced Living

Does God seem far away? Do you have a hard time connecting with Him? There might be a few reasons for that. For most of us it comes down to being preoccupied, self-centered, and over-committed. I know I’ve been there often! What are you preoccupied with? According to, “preoccupied” means “completely engrossed in thought; absorbed.” Being preoccupied […]

Think from a God-Perspective | Guest Post by Dionna Sanchez

It can be hard at times to keep your spirits up. To keep on doing what is right and good when you feel like it is always overlooked or ignored. Like it doesn’t pay off. It can be easy to think, “Why try?” My heart has been concerned over someone I care about recently whom […]

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