Snow, Keeping my Perspective this Winter

I shoveled my driveway for the first time and it made me smile. Allow me to explain. This fall we moved from California to New York. Though I grew up in snow-covered states, it has been years since I lived through a winter with any weather I had to shovel. So snow is still fascinating […]

Do Not Worry

It’s nearly the middle of January. Are you used to writing 2015 yet? My, how the years seem to fly by! My friend Libby often quotes, “The days are long, but the years are short,” to young mothers. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Libby and I were young mothers, supporting each other, but […]

Swing Into the New Year

The countdown to the New Year is upon us. Are you ready to swing into a new year? I usually don’t make a resolution because I never follow through and tend to forget what exactly I said I was going to do. This year I am going to be different and step outside the proverbial […]

Ways I Fuel My Creativity

Ways I Fuel My Creativity I’m an author of a lot of books and a lot of blogs— 40+ and 3,000+ respectfully! I write a lot. I plot a lot, but one of my biggest weaknesses is in taking time to consider how to fuel my soul. There’s a lot outbound and if I’m not careful I get […]

10,000 Resolutions

How goes that New Year’s resolution you started? Do you even remember what you promised yourself you would do? I had lots of grand plans. I do every year. It’s a wonder I am not the healthiest, most spiritual, happiest, most well adjusted person you could ever meet. Because every year I lean into the […]

Time to Simplify

Over the past several years when the new year dawns, it seems people sometimes choose a particular word to focus on for the coming 365 days. This is something I’ve done as well, and I usually start thinking about the “word” in November. The year 2013 was a bumpy ride, putting it mildly, and life […]

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