Indescribable Gifts

Gifts. Everybody loves them, don’t they? They make us feel special and loved. They remind us that someone cares enough about us to go to the effort of giving. Gifts are a tangible love language that know no boundaries. Amish or English, child or adult, we all love gifts. And it does not seem to […]

Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart

Keeping it simple: Money matters and words from the heart Many years ago, I went through a Compass Financial Ministries small group study. There are many good resources out there on how to manage your money according to Biblical principles, but Compass helped me understand the “why?” One of the lessons was on how we […]

A Kinder Christmas

  My house is inundated with Christmas because of the books arriving. The Christmas Quilt released in October, which is the sequel to A Simple Amish Christmas. And Christmas in Pebble Creek, a free short e-book, released November 1. So yeah — a lot of celebrating. One of the reasons I enjoy writing Christmas stories […]

What We Did on Our Way to Debt-Free

My dad was vocal about one thing when it came to money. The first 10% went to the Lord. A wise man who has handled money well and enjoys a debt-free life, he made it very clear that earning a paycheck is by the grace of God, and God deserves a thank-you by way of […]

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