Indescribable Gifts

Gifts. Everybody loves them, don’t they? They make us feel special and loved. They remind us that someone cares enough about us to go to the effort of giving. Gifts are a tangible love language that know no boundaries. Amish or English, child or adult, we all love gifts. And it does not seem to […]

A Homemade Christmas and Chocolate Sauce Recipe

One of my favorite things about the Amish is their commitment to create homemade items. From food, quilts, crafts, furniture, clothes, they do it all by hand in their homes, barns, and workshops. The traditions and knowing how that is passed down by them makes up a richness lost in today’s mainstream, plastic, throwaway mindset. […]

You’re Invited to Host a Christmas Brunch Book Club Party!

I love Christmas. Always have. I love selecting the perfect gift for a special friend, looking for ways to bless a family member secretly, going over my Christmas card list, baking up some sweet holiday magic, and paying one of my children to do all the wrapping. (Hey, I can’t do it all!) When I sat […]

A Gift for Eager Hands

She gathers wool and flax and works with eager hands Proverbs 31:13 I love to knit. I make time for stitches every day. It is my job: I work in a yarn shop. It is my career: I write about knitting. It is my hobby: I make gifts for family and friends. It is my […]

Gift Boxes

Boxes full of Gifts I love October. I really do. But when I turn that calendar page and my eye scans down to the end of the month, the first thing I think is, “Two months until Christmas.” Are you groaning or laughing? It seems we jump right over Thanksgiving. Doesn’t it? Yet as a mom […]

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