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A Garden Interview with Nancy Sleeth

Nancy, you have been an advocate for backyard gardens. How did you get into gardening? I didn’t always love gardening. I grew up in the suburbs, and every spring my dad had a load of steaming mulch dumped in our driveway. It was the children’s job to shovel the mulch into the wheelbarrow and spread […]


One of the new buzz words in our culture is “conservation.” But that idea isn’t a new one. The Amish have been conserving for years, and our grandparents did too. One way we conserve is WATER. Living in Texas where water is scarce, conserving water is a way of life. It doesn’t rain often, and […]

Getting Dirty with Jesus

It’s summer, and once again my fingernails are a wreck. I’ve got a quarter-inch gash hanging slanted off my pointer finger cuticle, like a bloody Q sign. My left thumb looks like it got into a fight with a mallet and lost. (It did.) The dirt under my fingernails is about to sprout mushrooms. Yeah, […]

Gardens and Trowels and Seeds, Oh My!

Have you noticed the new lifestyle trend where everyone wants to grow some veggies? It’s now considered more IN to have heirloom tomatoes growing in a planter on your apartment balcony than to own the latest designer handbag. More folks are perusing seed catalogues and bedding plant nurseries than ever before, itching to get their […]

What Good is a Garden?

While relaxing on a friend’s back porch over a spicy vegetarian stew and homemade bread, the conversation turned, naturally, to food. Everyone around the table expressed concern over how much junk food kids eat and how little time children spend outdoors. Our host said she watches every afternoon as a group of elementary schoolchildren heads […]


Here on Not Quite Amish, seemingly surrounded by workers of the land, I have an admission to make: I have two brown thumbs. I am not a gardener, farmer, or tender of any plants. It is not my gift. I admire those who can grow flowers and vegetables. In fact I support them whole-heartedly! Here […]

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