Community, Making a Connection

I love to be around people. It fills me with smiles and good cheer. You would think since I know this about myself I would have taken more time to get connected to my new community. I have been busy settling our house and trying to make it a home. Unpacking all the boxes and […]

Gotta Love One Another

A reader asked how to go about making friends with her Amish neighbors. Here are a few more suggestions: 1. Express genuine appreciation The Amish are human beings like you and me. So follow the golden rule: do unto them as you would have them do unto you. We all like to hear about things […]

A Proximity Problem

In the day and age of easy travel and global connection through email and texting, it is not uncommon to have good friends in other parts of the world. Two of my best friends live in Texas and Florida, but I have also have close connections in California, Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and North […]

How to Score at Your Neighborhood Yard Sale

It’s a long awaited day in my neighborhood: Neighborhood Yard Sale day! I make it a point to stop at as many neighborhood yard sales as I can, even if I’m not in the market for the baby strollers or lawn tools they have prominently displayed by the curb. I’m much more interested in the […]

Amish Neighbors

A few years ago while I was in Nappanee, Indiana, doing research for The Amish Bride, co-written with Mindy Starns Clark, I met an older Englisch woman working in a tourist shop. I asked her a few general questions and soon she was telling me about her life. The detail that stuck with me was […]

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