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When Tears Fall

I sat with a girlfriend tonight. We have known each other through ten years of life. She is one who encourages me often and lifts me up when I am feeling down. But tonight it was her tears gushing, spilling, and flooding our moments. Words like failure, overwhelmed, tired, non-stop, unable, need . . . more . . . time, were flowing […]

The Four R’s of Beauty.

Have you ever had a friend for just a certain season in your life? I have had a few of those. But I feel like there is always a little nugget that person leaves with me to help me learn and grow. One of those “come in and out of my life” friends gave me […]

If Ever a Heart were Faithful and True

If ever a heart were faithful and true, It’s the very heart I’m offering to you. When I was a child in school, Valentine’s Day was a party day. The classroom was decorated with pink or red streamers, and moms sent heart-shaped cookies or decorated cupcakes to school. We were expected to bring a Valentine […]

Attending an Amish Service

During the past couple of months I’ve shared the story of the unexpected phone call when my Amish friend Ruth (fictional name to protect her privacy) invited me to join her family for church in September. In my last blog post, I detailed how my friend Janet and I dressed in plain clothes with Mennonite […]

Experience | Relationship | Community

“Storytelling is a shared experience, and shared experiences are the basis of all relationships.” J.G. Pinkerton Years ago I read A Midwife’s Story, by Penny Armstrong and Sheryl Feldman. It chronicles Penny’s work as a midwife among the Amish during the 1970s. It’s a book I’ve reread over and over, and it’s definitely on my […]

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