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I Just Live Here

The windows in your church may have been made in my hometown, or the glass you used to sip your orange juice this morning. I just live here. We’ve been manufacturing glass here since 1890, when the abundance of natural gas and sandstone made Lancaster, Ohio, a natural choice for factories that blew and pressed […]

Local Connections

The Amish stay close to home for the most part. They are born into a community and live their lives surrounded by family and friends. A cross-country move is not something they plan for or probably would experience. I’ve moved eight times in my life, often changing time zones to do it. I am about […]

Front Yard Friendships

  One sunny morning, loyal dog at my feet and hot coffee in hand, I sat in my favorite spot with my Bible and journal and wrote: “I’d like to share what I’m learning with other people.” The journal was soon filled with dozens of different ideas, topics and verses the Lord and I explored […]

Make New Friends

Made new friends but keep the old One is silver and the other gold Do you remember this tune? I used to sing it at Girls Scout camp. It has been years since I thought of it. But I was reminded of the words this week. One of the ladies from my knit circle is […]

“Not Quite” a Good Neighbor

I’ve spent the last several years getting to know my neighbors, and I’ve made plenty of blunders along the way. My Top 10 mistakes are compiled in this list. “Not Quite” Amish Living might be an honorable goal, but let’s take care to avoid these pitfalls on being “not quite” a good neighbor: #10 Tell […]

Don’t Invite Your Girlfriends to Church

From the time I was fifteen until I was 35, I walked away from God. I didn’t lose my beliefs I’d been taught as a child, but I lost my faith. I still believed the Bible stories, I still believed God loved me—I just didn’t want anything to do with church or prayer or the […]

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