How an Amish Novel is Born: The Truth Behind the Fiction

Think all novels are purely fiction? Think again. Every great novel starts with a bit of fact. My first Amish novel, Beside Still Waters, started with more than that. A few years ago I was asked if I’d ever consider writing an Amish novel. The truth is, I hadn’t. But as I pondered it, I […]

Gideon and Carol

I just got back to Tulsa from Indianapolis and the fabulous ACFW conference. For those of you not familiar with the group, it’s the American Christian Fiction Writers. What a fun and exciting weekend . . . but let me back up a second. A lot of readers out there know I didn’t begin my […]

Farm Lit, Amish Lit

Over the past several years when editors asked me how to describe the Farm Fresh Romance series I was writing, I’d say it was something like Amish fiction—but not. I didn’t give that answer simply because Amish was popular and no one had a clue where my stories fit. I really do think there is […]

The Taming of Me

I’ve never been a girlie girl. And I never intended to write romance. In fact, back when I was in my early 20s and people would ask what I wanted to do when I grew up I’d answer, “Write novels.” “Romances!?” was the usual snide response. Insulted, I’d explain, “No. Literary fiction.” The people quizzing […]

I Was Worried About Writing About The Amish . . . Wouldn’t You Be?

“Worry ends where faith begins.” —Amish proverb I can’t tell you how worried I was when I sat down to write my Amish novels. I’d written many historical novels, but it’s different writing about contemporary people who are living a very unique lifestyle. Everyone has a concept of what it means to be Amish, but […]

My Special Amish Quilt

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Amish County along with my editor, Sue. We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast called the Creekside Inn, located in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Sue and I had a lovely visit to Lancaster. Not only did we shop and enjoy delicious food, but we also took […]

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