How To Eat Like The Amish

It’s no secret that farming and gardening are an integral part of Amish and Mennonite life. As a little girl, I remember spending many days picking row after row of string beans and corn in my Opa’s orderly plot. However, you don’t need acres of land or even a green thumb to eat like the […]

Simple Baked Eggs

I’ve noticed a new trend among some of my city-dwelling friends and acquaintances lately – they want to raise chickens in their back yard. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s with the idea that the eggs and meat from these chickens are healthier. Or perhaps it’s a longing for a simpler way of life or […]

Fifteen Steps to Canning Green Beans

When it comes to canning, many people have heard the horror stories about exploding pressure cookers and are wary about the process. But this wonderful method of food preservation is quite easy if you follow some simple steps. Unlike freezing, canning is not dependent on electricity. Jars just need a good seal and a cool, […]

6 Ways to Simplify Your Shopping

I recently read a book at the prompting of my pastor’s wife—Year of Plenty by Craig Goodwin. This book was a good read, but it did more than entertain me. It started me thinking about the things I purchase, how I purchase them, and why. I suppose that’s the mark of a good book! When […]

21 Days of Family Favorite Recipes-Day 13 Molasses Sugar Cookies

Do you have that one recipe you must bake or it simply isn’t Christmas? Me, too! There’s just something about cookies. No matter how many wonderful desserts there are out there—cakes, pies, pumpkin and jelly rolls, brownies, cheesecakes—though I love to bake and eat them all, there’s nothing quite like a cookie still warm from […]

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