4 Things to Pray for Your Kids


Praying for My Kids. Sometimes as a mom, I get overwhelmed with all I should be doing for my kids’ spiritual development. I should be reading the Bible with my kids, teaching them Scripture, training them on character qualities, helping them understand prayer. The list goes on and on. Equally important are my prayers FOR… Read More

6 Tips for Cooking with Kids Amish Style


Did you know that children who eat at least five times together as a family are at a lower risk for poor eating habits, substance abuse, and perform better in school? You can read the full reports here. One of the things I admire most about the Amish is how they work together as a… Read More

Making memories… One Back Road at a Time…


As I sit here and ponder what to write for my first post, thoughts of summer keep pushing their way to the forefront. Lemonade, the smell of fresh cut grass, juicy red tomatoes straight from my garden and stifling heat are what I am craving right about now. Instead I am met with freezing temperatures… Read More

Top 10 Simple Ways to Engage Your Teens


Whether you’re Amish or not, your role with your kids changes as they grow older. They spend less time with you, and more time with their friends. The siren call of technology, hormones, and the in-crowd creates powerful suction to pull your kids away from the family . . . and from God. What can… Read More

What I’ve Learned About Family from Researching the Amish

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.36.33 AM

I’ve written numerous novels about the Amish. I first became interested after meeting a couple in Montana. My daughter introduce me to them! They grew up Amish and lost two daughters in a horse-and-buggy and semi accident. As I learned more about their lives, I found great stories for novels. And as I learned more… Read More

Family Dynamics. Dynamic Family!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.35.17 AM

While I was in Michigan for Christmas, I was again amazed at how much all of us get along. The fifteen of us aren’t perfect. We each have our quirks and eccentricities . . . but we are all Believers and firmly stand on the knowledge that we all are uniquely created and designed in… Read More

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