Your Story Is Thrilling

I’ve been teaching a class at church called PLACE, which helps people look at their lives so they can best decide how God wants them to serve grace to their church family. After the class, I do a one-hour private consultation with each woman, and the first thing I ask is, Tell me how you came […]

What Is Your Courage Efficiency?

Our good friends bought a Prius, and for several weeks, every time the guy saw us he would gloat about his gas mileage. Fifty-six miles to the gallon this week, he would say. We would roll our eyes in exasperation, and he would just smile. Did I mention I got 57 miles to the gallon […]

‘You Are’ Jar | Guest Post by Jodi Murphy

    I am not a huggy-touchy kind of person but it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel affection for my children, friends, and family. On the contrary, the depth of my love is monumental, so I find ways to show it through my actions and creativity. Words alone are not enough, so I’m always […]

When Tears Fall

I sat with a girlfriend tonight. We have known each other through ten years of life. She is one who encourages me often and lifts me up when I am feeling down. But tonight it was her tears gushing, spilling, and flooding our moments. Words like failure, overwhelmed, tired, non-stop, unable, need . . . more . . . time, were flowing […]

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